Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn, squirrels and rugby.

I love to see seasons change. Very inspiring.

On my way to my moms house for a brunch, i saw this adorable little creature!

After the brunch, it was time for some sports! Rugby!
It's was the Finnish championchips, and my friend Riku was playing.

It was the first time i saw a rugby game, and it was kinda fun. Too rough for me to play but anyway..

And my friends team, Warriors Rugby Club Helsinki, won! Here's Riku and me right after the game.

"Warriors take the Finnish Championship title for the third consecutive year, in doing so making history as the first club to do so in Finland."


  1. OH NUTS! I had no idea they play rugby in FInland (but of course they do, silly silly silly idiot me). Next year I am so THERE!


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