Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tallinn Burlesque!

 My good friend Baawo was invited to the opening night of Tallinn Burlesque. Since i like Tallinn and burlesque, i went along. It was a fun night! Performers, free drinks, new people..and the place was fantastic, old factory building. Most certainly haunted.

 Me wearing:
Hat by me
50's vintage dress
80's belt
90's does 40's purse
a drunken smile

 Baawo having a conversation with the invisible man after his show.

 "The Shelter Cats", by Augus Künnapu

Street art 

 My favourite bar in Tallinn!

Street art 

The morning after, the lifesaver. 

 If you ever go to Tallin, GO TO THIS RESTAURANT! Oh my god, everything was perfect!
It's called Must Lammas (black sheep). Here we are with the chef.


The Terminal

One more photo from Tallinn Burlesque's facebook page (yes, not a blurry hipstamatic pic. Say what you like, but  since i don't have a proper camera at the moment, i prefer hipstamatic over the crappy cell phone pics!).
Me, Rol Off, Baawo and Miss Daisi.


  1. You look fabulous in that dress your waist looks positively tiny! Yeah I like the old worn effect photos. Would love to visit Tallin looks like my kinda place x


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