Thursday, June 7, 2012

My new favourite artist, Amleto dalla Costa!

"A painter, designer, sculptor, interpreter Amleto Dalla Costa was born in Milan in 1929. Dalla Costa's women are an extraordinary gallery of sensually moving sophisticated female figures. A steadfast pursuit of the feminine world with respect and love for its mistery..."

Red Stockings 

Il divano grigio

 This would look wonderful if printed on fabric...

 Il nastro nero

Luce di donna

I can't find all the titles and details about these paintings, but i definitely have to find out more about this artist and his work! I'm in LOVE!


  1. simply amazing !!!! love them very much, too !

  2. Love much too!, greeting fromBelgium

  3. I remember being published by edward weston graphics back in the 80's. He had a wharehouse full of this artist's work. I loved this work. But unfortunately , a lot of this art was hidden away , because of legal battles. Edward Weston (the publisher) was a manipulative thief.

    1. It's really a shame that a talent like this is hidden away... I love his work!!

  4. I was published back in the 80's by Edward Weston Graphics. He had a boat load of this artist's prints. This publisher was a hoarder , and evidently alot of this artist's work was hidden away due to legal matters. Ed Weston was a thief and manipulitive man. I really would have loved to see this artist's work outthere in galleries. it's good to see he's being rediscovered.

  5. I have 3 of his pieces and love them


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