Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marvelous day and other things

It's fun to look up and pretend that you are walking in a beutiful forest...
...even though you are in the middle of the city.

 I don't think my nails have ever been this long. Yes, they are real, not fake.
Photo Jani Lauanne, taken in Mikkeli, Finland.

I woke up really early today because i really wanted to see the transit of venus , but it was too cloudy in Helsinki. Oh, well. I just have to wait for the next time, which will be in 2117...

This is a notebook i bought today. The cover is a copy of a "real" book. I haven't found that book yet (i did ones but that one was in really bad condition...) but i'll have to. Since the cover is made by my favourite illustrator Poika Vesanto!

 This is something i saw today, something you don't see very often. A new building that i actually like! It's fun to look at! I have to foínd out who's the architect.

When i finally got home (few hours ago) i felt like listening something sad. I wasn't sad, i just had one of those moments when you feel the need to listen to something really sentimental. This record was just what i needed, Frank Sinatra's no one cares. I got it few weeks ago from my dear friend Jacques.

 Jacques and I having breakfast
And i don't even like yellow... :D

 And i had to go to see a doctor today (just a checkup). If the hospital is as nice as this, i don't mind going there once a year.
Marian sairaala (Maria's hospital). The firts building was built in 1886.

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