Sunday, April 1, 2012

Few little things

Sometimes the smallest, sillies things can make you extremely happy. Like these cat shaped earphones my brother brought me from New York. I bought a pair of these about a year ago when i was there, but broke them, and they could not be fixed :/ I was so happy to get new ones!

 A cup of tea with friends always makes me happy. This picture was taken at our tea dances few weeks ago. The tea had rosebuds in it! It's called "Marie Antoinette" and we got it from ThéHuone (our official tea sponsors :) The next tea dances are 15th of april.


 My Authentic Jazz Dance costume. We have matching outfits for our performance group (me and my friend Anni made them), they look especially nice while dancing blackbottom or charleston.

" How To Take Glamour Photos"(1955) & "Figure Photography"(1954)
A gift from my very dear friend Sirpa. We met when i was working for Fida few years ago.

 Bix and my Iron Sky canvas bag.

Now when the sun is up earlier i'm very happy about my Mirkka Metsola sleep mask (and i still think it's crazy cool to have a sleep mask with my eyes on it)!


  1. What treasures you found there! Could you make a post about those books? It would be so interesting.

    I just watched the Blogistania programme about you and my gosh you're so so stylish! And this blog too, I'm joining the followers immediately..

  2. Hi Katriina! I'll be posting about those photography books later :)

  3. It made me happy just looking at all these amazing things (esp Cecil).

    I need something like that "How to take Glamour Photos". Scouring the net right now.


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