Monday, April 23, 2012

Dangerous Tigress

 Dangerous and beautiful tigress wearing a Fiona Timantti Hat! 
Make-up Miia Magia
Photo Tinttu Henttonen

p.s. There is only one felt beret left on spring sale on Etsy! (I'm not making any more of them until next fall, if i can  find more of those lovely vintage fur felt cones..)

Here's the cutest little sailor Paula wearing her FT felt pom pom beret!

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  1. Nice!
    Looks exactly how we do in uniform :)

    I'm a cadet at an All Male Military school in the shetland isles.
    We wear uniforms just like what paula is wearing when were in class.
    Paula would be welcome as our very first Female cadet!
    Visiting sisters tease us for having Pompoms on our berets :/


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