Monday, February 20, 2012

My cats are gonna be on tv (and me too)

 I was happy to be asked to be a part of a new tv series about blogs and bloggers. It's called Blogistania and it will bw out next month!

The camera crew came to my home and to my atelier. It was a bit stressful, since my home is a very private place to me... My cats Bix and Cecil are in almost every frame, i'm sure. My little tv-stars! They were very exited.

 On the street where i live. I'm wearing self made capelet and hat.


At my atelier with friends, Miia Magia and Bettie Blackheart 

This marvelous 30's dress is one of the dresses i found while dumpster diving a while ago. I told you about it in this post, remember? I'll post pictures of other dresses i found later, when i'm wearing them. Ofcourse not all of them were my size, some of them i gave away or sold.


  1. Oh my, that dress is really gorgeous and suits you perfectly!

  2. Sounds so exciting hope it will have English subtitles! That dress is gorgeous, why would anyone throw away such a gem?! x

  3. WOW so exciting !! xoxo Sweet T.


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