Monday, February 20, 2012

So much snow...

There is SO MUCH snow out there right now so i thought it would be time to post few photos from last summer. We took a trip to Nummi. That's where my family comes from (i was born here in Helsinki and so was my mom, but my grandmother [i miss her so] was born there).

This is a wonderful place called Kasvihuoneilmiö (greenhouse effect). It's a second hand store and a cafe. And it's filled with plants and stuff!

Sakari and lunch

Parrots and mailboxes

I LOVE books!

Crazy hat

One of my sailor outfits

We visited my grandmothers grave. The small semetary is a very peaceful and beautiful place.
I brought her some flowers from a nearby meadow.

On our way home we came across a funfair.
p.s. I also found the photos from my trip to New York last year. I gotta go back there soon, i miss that place and those people so much!


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