Thursday, February 17, 2011

The wonderful HBF weekend

Helsinki Burlesque Festival, my favourite of all festivals! I was dj'ing, as usual.
We had amazing performers, wonderful party-night and fabulous audience! Thank You all! Here's some photos...

The warm up club. Waiting the show to start. I'm the ghost lady on the stairs, can you see me?

A weird (but cool) picture of me by Aiju.

Bettie and me. Bettie is wearing a fabulous vintage feather hat and i'm waering a mask/headpiece and costume by me. My wonderful vintage earrings are from Vintage Ansa, but i'll tell you more about them later...

Bent van der Bleu. Photo LK-S

Kiki Hawaiji. Photo LK-S

More photos here, for example. Helsinki Burlesque photos here.

Here i am on stage with the one and only miss Astrid who was the hostess that night.
I also had one special task at the festival. I was asked to choose the best cointreauversial costume" for Cointreau! The prize was pretty nice, the Cointreau coffret!

Here's the lucky winner, Lilli! She made her costume herself.

Dj Miroslove Satan handing the coffret to the lucky lady.


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