Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspiration, I'm truly mad about hats!

I LOVE bows!

Oh so very pretty.

Just: WOW!

I'm nuts about this shape! I just have to do something like this myself, but with more stuf on it..

Amazing colour, wonderful shape.

Pics from the wonderful My Vintage Vogue website. One of my favourite sites ever!


  1. Ihania kuvia<3 Mä haluisin kans ittelleni vaikka mitä hattuja.. *huokaus*

  2. oh my I LOOOOVE hats, too. Totally adore that black straw 30s one...but I love bows, too!

  3. These are really gorgeous, I LOVE the second and the last one. My Vintage Vogue is just pure inspiration.

  4. Ihastuin tähän blogiin, vintage-muoti on niin täydellistä :) Ja nuo hatut, oijoi<3



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