Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weird sensations (and how to get rid of them)

In the last few days i've had the most bizarre feelings and thoughts. First of all, i had a terrible ugre to watch "Friends" and pretend it's the 1990's again (when i was a kid and i didn't have a care in the world). And second, i felt envious for someone who is rich and famous. That's funny, since i usually don't dream about being rich nor famous. Yes, sure, i would love to afford all the vintage treasures i see. Although if i were famous, i might have to give up dumpster diving, and we can't have that, no sir.

Do you ever have those bizarre thoughts that you don't recognise as your own?

So, i went trough some of my photo archives and posted just some of the photos that reminded me of the good things in my life that i love and photos that made me smile.

I get to travel to new places from time to time.
This picture was taken in Berlin by My friend Juha Arvid Helminen.

I get to share my passion for vintage with great friends, here with Rhia and Riikka.
And by the way, i'm holding a cigarette in that picture, but i don't smoke anymore (it's only been five weeks..). I had a dream about smoking last night though.

Taking a break at a photo shoot with my friend Miia Magia.

Having a horror dinner with my burlesque family.


Iron Sky costume department crew.

To celebrate the birthday of the company who made the elevators to the Stockmann department store, these girls and boys were dressed up in the old elevator operator uniforms.

A blurry picture of my atelier, or "Marias place" as i sometimes call it.

Good times with Sara.

Posing at Helsinki Vintage with my good friend Lassi. Yes, this is one of the failed pictures, but it's good to have a laugh at your own expense sometimes.


Me and Sonia hard at work, Iron Sky costume department. She no longer lives in Finland and i miss her!

Bix listenign to tango.


  1. Nice pictures, look like a lot of fun! Wish you a great weekend from Norway!

  2. I miss you!

    Remember when we talked about those crazy (awesome!) sugardaddy fetishists who buy stuff for ladies? You really need one of those.

  3. Riikka, yes i do! :D Hahaha
    AND i need to come and visit you and we need to go to visit Anniina in Paris!

  4. wow. great, thoughtful post.
    and congrats !! "friends" probably shows some of the most flashing moments of excellent acting in history. great choice !

    Some of the habits that aren't "me" at all :

    watching documentaries about people without jobs and without teeth beating up their relatives and reading the results of their paternity tests to each other....I can't help it. I enjoy them a lot.

    and yes. I am envious, too. how the hell can it be that a famous footballer's wife ( a former drugstore employee ) decides to be a designer and starts selling her own collection all over new york ????she can do it just because she has the money ????

    I always used to wonder ( and still do ) why my parents kept my noble origins a secret from me all my life.....

    I wanna be rich. luxurious moments feel natural to me......otherwise: why shouldn't I build myself a hut in the woods and live there alone in poverty ?

    I have two souls living inside of me : a philistine and a free spirit. I want to travel the world and be different, but at the same time : nothing's better than staying at home on the couch with chocolate and bad television. in the end, it turns out, I am just a very normal human being. I take a look at my dog, and I am happy.

    p.s. your two cats are more than adorable.

  5. Ihana ku väliin tuli random kissakuvia xD Sun tyylis on niin ihana nam nam<3

  6. your post made me cry a little. Made me think about all the friends I miss and how little effort i've made lately to get together with'em.

    about cigarettes, I've to tell you, I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, I can't stand cigars (I love people can't smoke anywhere but outside here in Curitiba), I can't recognized myself in photos holding a cigarette - and I still dream about it. I think it's ppart of the process.!

  7. A failed photo of you but a a great picture of me! Thanks for putting that up :)

  8. Lassi, there are better pictures of you from HV...

  9. I doubt it. But there might good ones from HBF......


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