Sunday, February 7, 2010

Three days in Berlin

Lovely figures by Superskull!
"We offer you fascinating sweet and thrilling mexican decoration which covers the wide spectrum from trash to art and back. Here we make a clean sweep with the tale of the celestial peace after passing away because afterlife is an absolute lively matter with lots of esprit and charm – a world far away from the abstract concept, which we are usually confronted with."

Few things you can buy from their online shop:

Did i already tell you that i'm mad about hats?

These beutiful hats are just a tiny part of an amazing wardrobe of Theaterkunst.

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  1. Ei voi olla totta! Olen vuoden verran etsiskellyt (lähinnä Ebaystä) dia de los muertos-kamaa. Kiitos mahtavasta linkistä. :)


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