Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pelago, baby!

I've been looking for a beautiful bike for a long time (since my "Poni" got stolen few years ago..) and i think i might have found it!

About Pelago Bicycles
"The idea for Pelago has developed during the last 10 years. Riding long kilometers in the city and out on the road has brought us where we are. We have taken part in bike development at the university, learned our lessons at a local service shop, dug out parts from junk yards, and fixed bikes for our friends. Yet there is still a lot to explore, and that keeps us motivated. Our aim is to make bicycles that you can be as proud of as we are – bikes that still ride in 2050 – bikes that serve the purpose...
The bikes are made in Europe, lugged steel frames for men and women, from single speeds to 8-speeds. We offer reliable, affordable bikes for everyday use."

Sounds good, huh? And look good too! One "Brooklyn" for me please. Yes, salmon would be lovely!

Pelago Bicycles shop&service is located in Vallila district, uptown Helsinki, Eurantie 12.

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