Friday, November 14, 2014

Teacher Style last we're back (days 42-44) traveling and teaching

Pardon me for being absent for a while...lots of things going on and off work. But here's few more days of my Teacher Style photo project.
 We had halloween theme at school and here's my outfit! Vintage 50's dress and catears and a tail i made myself. (Wonderful 90's film camera vibes in this photo...)

 Tired but extremely happy, me and my students organized a fashion show and it was a success! 
Wearing vintage and second hand.

I also visited Pietarsaari and the Centria University of Applied SciencesI was invited there to teach the millinery basics to a very cool and motivated group of people. I was very happy to share my knowledge with those young talents.
Hat - Fiona Timantti Millinery
Cardigan - vintage
Scarf and skirt - second hand
Shoes - 90's does early 1900 

My friend here might be tiny but make no mistake. He's fierce.

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