Saturday, January 25, 2014

Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company

One thing i really love is dancing. I started out with ball room dancing when i was a kid but about four years ago i found the dance that really suits me, traditional jazz dance! Lindy Hop, Charleston, Black Bottom...! The picture above is our group performing at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival. I'm the one on the far right. As you may notice, i'm taller (and bigger) than all the other girls in our group, i'm 180cm. That sometimes bothers me a little and it's hard to find a dancing partner who is taller than me and able to lift me :) heheh, even though i'm not even really that 'big'. 

 If you want to see us performing live, our group the Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company has two shows in few weeks in Espoo, if you happen to be in Finland :) Our teachers Malin Grahn and Clyde Wilder (US) have done amazing job with the choreography.
You can get the tickets from Lippupiste.

If you want to know more about 'what is traditional jazz dance' watch this little documentary!  

Featured dancers include Norma Miller, Frankie Manning, Clyde Wilder, Mickey Davidson, George Lloyd, Chazz Young, Dawn Hampton.

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