Saturday, August 24, 2013

My brief adventure in London

 Some photos from my adventure in london few months ago...

 My host, Vesa!

Eddie for mayor! 

 I also had a photo shoot with Mr. Suave Foto. Check out his work! He's a nice guy and fun to work with!

 Marguerite Kelsey, 1928 by Meredith Frampton (1894-1984)

 The British Museum

 A bar that has a ouija board as table! YES

 I saw this girl in NY too..!

 My roommate for four days, Florian, getting a haircut in Painted Lady
 A cinema that serves drinks! The Aubin Cinema.

My home street in the morning on the day i had to go back home.


  1. England is great and London is the best probably. I spent a week in Norwich this year and it was the happiest time I had. I love almost everything in England. and I want to come again soon. I enjoyed all your pics because they reminded me of this happy time. BTW you're looking very good in your black and white outfit. Thank you for sharing the pics.

    1. Hi Miss Maple! Thanks :) I like London a lot, but i'v lost my heart to New York :)

  2. Hihii, oot selkeesti käyny Vintage Emporiumissa ;) Mä olen istunut kahvilla tuolla nurkassa, lampun alla. Voi kumpa pääsis taas Englantiin!


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