Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of my favourite places in Helsinki

One of the best places to have a cup of tea or a glass of cold cider.
One of my favourite places in the summertime in Helsinki, former lightship Relandersgrund, now a fine little cafe/bar. It's open whenever the weather is nice. 
And it happens to be just around the corner from where i live, how nice!

In good company. That's Baawo.

 I'm having a cup of "laivapojan lempi" (translates "shipmates love" or something like that...)

 Shoes are important.

 Can't really complain about the view.

 The sea.



  1. What a lovely spot, overlooking the harbour. Certainly beats the view from my sofa ;)

  2. Red hair and green berets: a great combination! Especially when someone has such beautiful hair like you. Sunglasses and scarf match perfectly. Best wishes!

  3. Toi paatti oli ennen mun silloisessa kotikylässäni Kotkassa! Kerran siellä oli palkattuna joku merimies soittamaan haitaria kansalaisten iloksi. Se mies oli kaljapalkalla siellä, josta seuras se että se oli jo alkukeikasta niin kännissä, ettei se muistanut mitään sanoja. Sit se vaan sano yleisölle että laulakaa te niin minä soitan.

  4. You look lovely and I approve of your friend's derby *bowler* :)

  5. definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx

  6. Beautiful views and you look gorgeous! x


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