Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Books That Saved Your Life

Compartment C, Car 293 (Edward Hopper, 1938)

I was reading this blog and there were these lists of lifesaving books. The idea came from a website where artists from different fields can list songs that saved their lives.
The idea sounds like fun, so i made a list of books myself. First i thought that it would be hard to list only 10 books, but actually it was hard to deside which books were really lifesavers.
(It would be cool to say that "yeah, a villain shot me but luckily i had Umberto Ecos The Name of the Rose in my pocket that stopped the bullet and saved me.)
So, this is a list of books that saved my life and/or made a huge impact on me.

-Lähdettyäsi (lovepoems from 6th century China) - Translated into Finnish by Pertti Nieminen
-Matkalla niityn yli - Lassi Nummi (My favourite poet)
-The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov
-Good Morning, Midnight - Jean Rhys
-Hullunkurinen lintukirja ("the crazy bird book") - Mauri Kunnas
-Naiv.Super - Erlend Loe
-Hanhiemon satuaarre ( a wonderful book of fairytales, lovely illutrations by Feodor Rojankovski)
-Kun Miinus lähti avaraan maailmaan (Minus and the great wide world) - Sven Nordqvist
-The Winter Queen (original titel Azazel) - Boris Akunin
-The Lady of the Camellias - Alexandre Dumas

To that list i could ad all kinds of travel guides, atlas and everything by Agatha Christie (except 'The Big Four').
Reading is fun!


  1. for me I would have to say everything by P.G.Wodehouse! Everytime I'm a bit down I grab one of his books and woopti I'm right there between the clouds.

  2. great post !! the woman on the painting looks like you. and naiv.super is one of my favourites, too !


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