Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hill Of Crosses, Lithuania

Hill Of Crosses from 125 Magazine on Vimeo.

Director - Nina Merikallio
Cinematographer - Janis Skulme
Style - Suvi-Elina Enqvist
Hair& Makeup - Tom Wennerstrand
On this video you can see Mert Otsamo´s: Latex dress and white scarf jacket.

I've actually been to that place years ago when i was in Lithuania. I took part to a exchange program in our school (of arts and design) and went to Lithuania to study for a while. I really liked that country and the people were the nicest! I'm going back someday.

What is the Hill of Crosses? This is what wikipedia says: "In 1795, Lithuania became part of the Russian Empire. Poles and Lithuanians unsuccessfully rebelled against Russian authorities in 1831 and 1863. These two uprisings are connected with the beginnings of the hill: as families could not locate bodies of perished rebels, they started putting up symbolic crosses in place of a former hill fort."
But i've also heard a story about a man who was very sick. He asked god to heal him, and if god would heal him, the man promised to built a cross in his honour on that hill. And the man got better and better and one day he was all healed. And he buit that cross, and after that came others with crosses. And if you buy a cross (yes, there are lots of people selling crosses for tourists...) and leave it there and make a wish, it might come true. I think that story of a sick man making a wish in a sertain place is pretty universal.
Read more about this beautiful place in "Sacred Sites" (lots of pics in secred sites too) or in wikipedia.


  1. I visited Lithuania a few years ago and made a special trip to see the Hill of Crosses. It is one of the most moving places I've ever been x

  2. Did you also study there!!! I was studying at Vilnius University in 2003 and I go back at least every second year. I just love that country so much :)

  3. I was also in Vilnius! :D But it was an art school of some sort...


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