Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey, Four Eyes!

Photo from here

Bette Davis
What a gorgeous outfit!

Katherine McGolbin as Midge Carne in BBC's South Riding
I love those glasses and that hat!

By the way, check out this video about the costumes of South Riding, if you are in the right area. I'm not, so i can't see it :/


  1. I loved South Riding so much, but was so sad that I couldn't see the last episode because they removed it from BBC I payer before i could watch it!... :( Have you found anywhere else you can watch the whole series online? Might just have to wait for the DVD.

    I loved Sarah's amazing selection of knitwear, I wish my teachers had been as stylish as her.

    I just got some amazing sun glasses like Bette's from they are turqouise and so cheap at £12! I love your blog by the way. x


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