Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some of the best things in life: Friends, Brunch & Helsinki

..and men in suits!

Sakari and Lassi

Be kind whenever it is possible - It is always possible. -Dalai Lama

Om nom nom nom...


Helsinki Burlesque DJs, Miroslove Satan & Fiona Timantti

LouLou & Aino

Lassi & Petra

After the burlesque brunch, me, Sakari and Lassi went to Torni.

Helsinki <3


  1. That pie thingamabob, the tiny piece of which Sakari has on his plate, was divine!!

  2. Great post! Komeita miehiä, tyylikkäitä naisia ja ruokaa, mitäpä sitä muuta tarvisee =) Ja kilteyttä tietysti mainitsemiesi Dalai Laman sanoin!

  3. Gorgeous people, gorgeous views! Sad that I missed this and HKI Vintage.

  4. I wish men dressed like this all the time in this day and age, menswear has gone downhill since the 1960s! My boyfriend loves clothes like these too and has a wardrobe full but he is too shy to wear them out unless we're going somewhere special. You see, I live in Australia (which is a very uncivilized, uncultured country when it comes to most things, especially fashion) so guys can't dress like this without a lot of stupid people saying stupid things.

  5. Moi, kävin kokoamaan Suomalaisten Pin up, Vintage, Rockabella, tattooed naisten kuvia yhteen kuva blogiin ja olisi mukavaa jos saisin siusta sinne laittaa pari kuvaa :)
    Oisi mukava näyttää että miten upeita naisia löytyy Suomen maasta!

  6. Jazmin, kyllä, ihmiset vois tosiaan olla kiltimpiä toisiaan kohtaan, hyvät tavat kaunistavat jne :)

    Riikka, we missed you! <3

    Harlow, Yes, we have those stupid people here too :/ It's not that bad for me because i'm a woman, but men do get those not so nice comments... I guess you just gonna have to get used to it. It's always the same when someone looks different from the mainstream.
    I hope your boyfriend finds the courage to wear his fabulous clothes. Even though he might get those nasty comments, you can assure him that there are lots of people who thinks that he looks swell! :)


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