Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fiona Timantti Millinery,The Mouse Hat

Hat, hair&make-up by me, photo by the amazing Saara Salmi!
I usually do not smile in photos like these, but this one i like. It's a bit goofy.. This picture was taken about a month ago and i've just received some very good news, maybe that's why i'm smiling :)
I'm gonna make more of these hats! I just have to figure out a good name for it.... Any ideas?


  1. I like your smile ! And your huge ears...!

  2. Toi on niin hieno! Minust sen nimi vois olla Mi-Mi (kun se voi olla Mikki tai Minni) tai Party Animal (koska toi on just semmonen iloinen juhlahattu ja eläinhenkinen). Tai sit van Mousy.

  3. Ehkä maailman ihanin hattu! Ja kaunis hymy.

  4. Excellent! Surely it has to be The Minnie.


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