Thursday, October 28, 2010

Irving Berlin's On the Avenue (1937)-hat inspiration

On the Avenue, pretty funny film, good music... and great hats!

That's huge!

I love that bow! I'm so gonna do something similar, but smaller....

Aunt Fritz, lovely ol' gal!

That's a pretty wild shape...
Nice veil.

I love those feathers.
^Very nice perfume bottles!

Ok, there were some pretty nice costumes too, like these:

I love those glasses! And that outfit is absolutely fantastic! I want one like that!

Slumming on Park Avenue.

And here's one of my favourite scenes:


  1. i love all the hats, but my favourite thing is her (leather, maybe?) dress! If only life were a film so I could wear such nice clothing! x

  2. I cannot begin to tell you how in love I am with your blog. It's just... so freaking stunning, so chic, so vintage. It's everything I want to do. I'm def following. Keep up the fantastic work.

    xox Marcus

  3. Claire: I'm simply mad about that dress :D It could be nice made out of latex...

    Marcus: You are too sweet! <3

  4. I love, love the 40s fashion the best. That black dress is out of this world.
    I like your blog so very much, so I will keep an eye on you and your posts.
    Un abrazo from Spain.


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