Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burlesque Cocktail and Glitter Grill, om nom nom!

I was dj'ing in Glitter Grill in Tampere...
..and met some friends! Rhia and Riikka. My dress is 70's vintage and earrings Tyra Therman.

She works hard for the money.

Last wednesday we had our monthly Glitter Grill with some amazing performers:
Mimi de Froufrou, Lafayette Lestrange, Kiki Hawaiji, Seconhand Rose, Lola Manchego, Tinker Bell, Bent van Der Bleu, Bettie Blackheart, Frank Doggenstein, Brenda Fondue, Missy Macabre, and Lamey "Barbeque" Crackhouse!
Wearing: vintage straw hat, 50's dress, shoes, braselets and earrings second hand and new glasses!

Tinker Bell

The Amazing Missy Macabre!



Photos: Rik Stavale


  1. By the way - you look absolutely gorgeous !

  2. What great fotos ! And your friends seem to be a lot of fun! Wow, hade no idea that tampere was sucha a burlesque city. Are you going to The Burlesque Festival in sthlm in October ? I´ve decided that this fall is it - I´m getting into burlesque. Its now or never !


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