Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sailor outfits and Art Deco tattoos

I've started to crave a new tattoo... Maybe it's bacause now when it's warm people wear less clothing = more skin, more visible tattoos. I've been thinking about something art deco or art nouveau style pics. Not sure yet.
Sailor style clothing is something that i feel like wearing in summertime. And sailors and tattoos go very well together, right?

This was my version of the sailor look a week ago.
And ofcourse Cecil wanted to be in the picture...

I had a very special guest from Tampere at my atelier that day, Riikka! She is one of my favourite vintage vixens! We both had a sailor look that day, what a coincidence!

Sailor outfit Victorian style!

This vintage sailor outfit is very cute! And i like her hair too..

Here's few shopping suggestions for you who is looking for that perfect repro sailor outfit.

Very cute top and trousers from Get Go Retro. They also have plus sizes.

Sailor paly suit from Stop Staring! (i love that hat! It's not included though..) Stop Staring is widely sold all over the world, so you can probably find a retailer in your area.

I just adore this ReVamp Vintage sailor outfit! Actually pretty much everything they do is amazing.

How about these 'Hello, Sailor' shoes by Miss L-Fire then? Gorgeous, aren't they?

Art Deco tattoo inspiration:

This is just a very nice picture of actress Dorothy Sebastian i found while searching for art deco images :)

And for your entertainment, a clip from the film 'There's no Business like Show Business' (1954) Tattoo'd!


  1. Ah, I love, love, love sailor looks so much! Sailor style is definitely my favorite of all. There's never enough sailor, me thinks!

  2. Love your outfit, and I'm quite envious of your red hair :-)

  3. wow.. love your hair color is like a coppery red penny. sailor outfits are so retro popeye,lol

  4. Oh so nice pics! I love everything about sailors and ships and anchors etc, so pretty! :)


    Autumn, Coffee and Inspiration

  5. yes your hair is a beautiful color! Love the outfit too.

  6. I love sailor style, too. =D You look great. And I love the first picture after the one of you and Riikka!
    -Andi x

  7. http://art-deco-odyssey.blogspot.com/

  8. I love your sailor inspired outfits! You've chosen really nice photos. :-)


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