Monday, June 21, 2010

Faking it!

I used to have Bettie style bangs for years (and black hair too...) but nowadays i want to try out so many different hairdos and styles that bangs would only be in the way and limit the possibilities. I think i have found the perfect solution! Fake, clip-on bangs! We've seen them on celebrities like Beyoncé (damn she looks good with bangs!).
Some say it's lame and fake, but i say bah! Wigs and hairpieces have been around for ages! The ancient Egyptians had some very fine wigs for example.

Flamboyant 18th century wigs. You just gotta love those crazy hairdos! Though these are only drawings...

These hairpieces are from 1925 (Marshall and Snelgrove).

Here's my new clip-on bangs (haven't cut them yet, so they are a bit too long)! They are made of human hair, so they can be dyed, curled and washed. You can easily get fake bangs online, i got mine from Cybershop. It's very easy to use!


  1. erittäin kätevät! helpottaa kummasti sitä pähkäilyä että leikata vaiko ei! :D
    apua hei, sulla on kuva maxin kanssa? siis perttulan? :D max on tosiaan mun parhaan ystävän enon puoliso! ihana max!

  2. Max vaikuttaa aika mahtavalta tyypiltä! Itse en sen lähemmin tunne (vielä!). Pieni on maailma kyllä .. :D

  3. I really like that you can do that ! :) Must check if I can find something similar

  4. Mun kampaajakin puhui noista feikkiotsiksista, kun se oli hankkinut. Melkein innostuin vaikken oikein koe, että otsis sopisi mulle. Mutta jos on irtis niin on helppo päästä eroon :)

  5. Wow, that looks good. I matches your colour exactly!


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