Friday, April 9, 2010

Sally's Chest of Mysteries 19.3.2010

New burlesque club in Helsinki: Sally's Chest of Mysteries! The first event was held in Semifinal. And this time we had more men on stage! A fabulous manlesque group HellMonty! We also had the lovely Lucie Goodness, Sandy Jungle, Lamey Crackhouse and Bettie and Sally of course..

I'm wearing a satin vintage dress i bougth from Helsinki Vintage. Jewellery, belt and shoes, vintage. Location Tavastia backstage.

Bettie & Sally

Art! Bettie and Sally painting with their boobs! Those paintings were auctioned later.
Photos: Kerttu Malinen.


Bent Van Der Bleu.


  1. You look very sexy in that outfit =) In a luring mystical way. Looks like you had amazing party, once again.

  2. Thanks Rhia! :) And yes, we did! We always do! :D You should join us some night!


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