Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day trip to Tallinn with my sweetheart

The old town has many lovely shops that sell antiques. But they sometimes charge extra from tourists.. And not all the stuff is really old, so be careful. You don't want to pay too much for a replica.

This fabulous record player almost found a new home! Very good condition, only 250€ (but i think we could have bought it for 200..).

The best café in Tallin! Kehrwieder, since 1697. It's a very individual place, though it's part of a chain of coffeeshops. Still, every coffee shop in this chain is unique and different from the others. I would like to visit all of them!

Nom nom nom nom nom...

Sakari and cherry pie <3

I love the old buildings that look like they could collapse at any minute. And people still live in some of them.

My new house! ( I wish...)


  1. Aivan ihana tuo viimeinen talo! Kävin viime kesänä Latviassa, Jurmalassa, ja siellä oli paljon vanhoja kauniita huviloita. Osa oli melko kurjassa kunnossa, mutta osaa oli alettu kunnostaa. Olisipa Suomessakin enemmän tuollaisia taloja!

  2. No niinpä..täällä kun taidetaan kaikki huonokuntoiset (eikä välttämättä edes huonokuntoiset, vain vanhat) purkaa :/

  3. Ah wish i lived in europe! Australia never really adopted much art Nouveau.
    love your blog, you have great style


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