Monday, March 8, 2010

Papa Poirot

One good thing about being sick and having to sit at home all day is that you have time to watch quality tv! Agatha Christies Hercule Poirot is one of my all time favourites. Not just because of my love to detective stories but also 'cause it's so brilliantly made. The costumes are wonderful. The first Poirot film with David Suchet (the only REAL Poirot if you ask me) was made in 1989 and since then there has been nine different costume designers (and a huge costume and wardrobe department) dressing Monsieur Poirot.

Miss Lemon (Pauline Moran), Poirot.

Inspector Japp (Philip Jackson), Poirot, Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser), Miss Lemon (Pauline Moran).

There is also other interesting characters like Captain Hastings and Countess Vera Rossakoff, but one of my favourites is the gutsy crime writer Ariadne Oliver (who is said to be a fictionalised version of Agatha hersef).

Ariadne Oliver (Zoe Wanamaker) and Poirot.

Miss Lemon didn't have very big role in Christies books, but in the films she is one of my favourite characters. Quiet and competent and always very elegantly dressed!

Did you know, that Pauline Moran had a top 40 hit in the 60's with her pop group "The She Trinity"? I didn't!


  1. I love David Suchet as Poirot. There is no other Poirot and there never will be =) I've seen him in some other series doing other roles and I never get used to it. He just suits to that character perfectly. And of course, the stories are part of the fun aswell.

  2. love poirot...Not just for the stories or even the era,clothes and hair,but because he plays the part like no one else...

  3. I don't get enough time to watch things like Poirot, it's so fab.

  4. I love Agatha Crhisties's books and specially Poirot's stories. This films with David Suchet are wonderful, magic...the characters, art-deco, houses, country, dresses...everything makes me dream of travelling of time and space. I'm willing to make a complete re-styling of my wardrobe and search for an elegant misterious look inspired on the 1930s decade.
    Carmen, spanish living in Italy.

  5. Eu morei algum tempo na Inglaterra em nao perdia um seriad a o do Poirot.. Adoro a atuacao do David.. Wonderful!!!

  6. Poirot is simply wonderful . He is ,as he says ,the terror of evil-doers

  7. First in 1990 i hated David Suchet as Poirot because to me the real Poirot was the great Peter Ustinov... Now i "hate" David Suchet because he made the Last Case... Sorry for my english language... i am worse than belge, i am french!

    1. I can not help myself, i love Suchet! To me he is the ne and only Poirot :) The Curtain was hard to watch :( Even though i knew how it will end...


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