Friday, March 12, 2010

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2010 in pictures

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2010 was truly a night to remember! Best party ever! Amazing people, performers, atmosphere... Can't wait HBF 2011!

Photo Kerttu Malinen
Dj Fiona Timantti & the Fortune Teller Mama Zinaida Timantti.
I made that red velvet costume when i was 16 or 17, and that hat about 5 years ago, and this was the first time i ever wore them. It was worth the wait though. I miss having black hair! But i love the red too and won't be changing color any time soon.

Burlesque Polaire

Photo Tuomas Lairila
World Famous *BOB*

Vivienne VaVoom

Miss Polly Rae and Her Hurly Burly Girlys

Major Suttle-Tease & Count Youngblood

Major Suttle-Tease


Mimi de FrouFrou & Lafayette Lestrange

Darth Tassel & Sally Vanilla

Fancy Chance

Photo K.M.
Fancy Chance, Satan's Angel, Masha de Bordeaux

Photo K.M.
Scotty The Blue Bunny

Winner of the best outfit competition. Cyberpunk! So cool!

More Photos here.
Helsinki Burlesque website

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  1. Looks so much fun! Gorgeous outfits, gorgeous people =) Loving that red dress of yours!


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