Monday, August 18, 2014

Latexmania BBQ party

I'm not working as a teacher today, so no Teacher Style photo untill tomorrow. Instead i will tell you about the party we had yesterday. We had a 10 years anniversary BBQ party with some friends. 10 years ago i was asked to model some Latex by a marvelous lady, Kirsi Nisonen. I said yes gladly. It was a start of a beautiful friendship and my loveaffair with latex clothing.

The location was delightful! It's called Teurastamo (slaughterhouse because of it's former purpose but these days it's a place for fun, friends, food and sharing, not death).

Me and Kirsi.

I'm wearing an amazing 80's does 40's/50's vintage dress from Ansa (where else! :)

Left: My first latex catwalk show in 2004 for Latexmania by Kirsi Nisonen, provocative pose on the catwalk with Pietari
Right: Latexmania 10 years anniversary 2014 with the same sweetheart :)
(Notice how our outfits have the same theme in both pictures)

Photo of me in my latex pirate outfit by Juha Arvid Helminen

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