Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Night Out in New York with Marlene

I get lost of messages regarding my blog and differet kinds of suggestion about co-operation etc. I rarely have time for that, and i don't post anything sponsored if i don't really like the product/service/thing.
But this time when i got a challange to create a style for a night out in New York, i did it. Mainly because i love NY and because i've been really inspired by Marlene Dietrichs timeless beauty and style :) 
I'm was not paid to do this, i did it just for fun! Who is your style icon? Who inspires you this summer?

This is what it is all about, a message from Kendra Thornton:

Chic Fashion for a Trip to the Big Apple
Traveling is my favorite way to relax and get away. In a few weeks, I’m going to spend some time with some friends in the Big Apple. I’ve had a ball planning our adventure with the help of travel experts at Gogobot. During our stay, we plan on spending time having a meal and perhaps a few drinks at one of the amazing dining venues located in   The Standard High Line Hotel. I may not be Carrie Bradshaw, but when I go to lunch in the Meatpacking District, I want to turn heads. As a mom of three, I could use your help selecting my outfit and accessories. Will you review some information about Biergarten, where my friends and I plan to eat, and then let me know what look you think would be best for my excursion?

This restaurant, open air during the summertime, serves traditional German cuisine under the canopy of The Standard High Line Hotel. The food here comes from the brilliant culinary mind of Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner. I can’t wait to sample sausages and pretzels along with a cold mug of beer here. Of course, my friends and I will certainly participate in a game or two of ping-pong, and I know I’ll enjoy my time at Biergarten the most if I feel completely confident in trendy yet timeless fashions.

New York City Style
No place in the world has the worldwide fashion influence that New York has. I can’t wait to step out in style here, and I have confidence that you’ll help this mom turn some heads in the Meatpacking District. Creative collaborations often have great results, and in the same way that feedback from others on Gogobot helped me book the best accommodations and activities for my New York getaway, I know your feedback will help me dress my best for the occasion. I can’t wait to get this party started!


  1. Love the pieces you've chosen, particularly the shoes! x

    1. Oh, i love those shoes! It's fun to make collections like these, almost like shopping but free :D Hehehe


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