Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some photos from NY. I need to get back there asap.

I was in NY again in february. Here's some photos from that trip. Truly a magic city.

Takeaway tea on Elizabeth stree

 Our neighbourhood

Perfect Breakfast

 No place like home

The coolest and hottest Trashionista, Outi

 I had a dj gig these aswell

 Stand up comedy on the other side, fashion shoot on the other

Severely Mame & Outi. I love those guys..!

My Mouse Fatale headpiece on an adventure 

The day after. No make-up but pretty flowers.


  1. How I want to go to New York! The city that never sleeps. Rome is the opposite, it's kinda boring. But it has its attractions though, the art and the Colosseum...they are sort of vintage aren't they;)

    1. New York sure is wonderful :) but I've never been to Rome, I definitely want go there too someday!


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