Saturday, April 27, 2013

Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company

Some of you might know that i'm a real passioned dancer. I have a ballroom background, but three years ago i found something that really feel is the thing for me, traditional (or some say authentic) jazz dance! We have a small performance group too, in gthe photo above (i'm the one on far right) we are performing at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival few months ago.
Those costumes are designed by Anni (third from right) and me and made by Anni. She is my partner in crime on many fields...

And here we are at Kulttuurikeskus Caisa after our last performance on thusday.
From left: Elina, Oona, Me, Anni, Serena, Malin & Clyde (our wonderful teachers), Kirsi, Nina.

Check out our blog or come and find us on facebook!

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