Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drink Me!

I love the green colour of the "Fiona Timantti" drink!

"Sounds too good to be true!" That's what i first thought when i heard about this opportunity Cointreau was about to offer us (me, Bettie B. and Kiki H. from Helsinki Burlesque). They were gonna give us our own drinks! Yes, even though i'm pretty much a total "nobody" in this big world, i have my own drink, haha! And i love Cointreau!

Tomorrow we are having this Ravintolapäivä (restaurant day) here in Helsinki and i'm hosting my Diamond Stash Speakeasy again. So if you are in Helsinki area, come join us! Last time i had hundreds of guests.. Come, Drink Me!

Also check out Cointreau website for more delicious drinks!


  1. I don't drink anymore but Cointreau was my favourite when I did. Congratulations on having a drink named after you, I hope you have an absolute ball with your guests:)

  2. OMG awesome congrats ..btw you are drop dead gorgeous dahling love your blog :D <3

  3. Oh, ich darf auf deutsch schreiben? Wunderbar - dann sage ich erstmal Prost!
    Beautiful foto, i love how the green dress & drink is such an interesting/ nice contrast to the red haircolour!



  4. How amazing to have your own drink, the dress looks divine on you x

  5. wow, how amazing to have a drink named after you. Looks so tempting (gorgeous absinthe colour!)

  6. Onnittelut omasta juomasta =)
    Upea mekko muuten kuvassa. Mistäs se on? =)

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    Jazmin, tein kuvan mekon itse, kangas on muistaakseni eurokankaasta...

  8. u look absolutely amazing!! gorgeous dress

  9. Wau =) Etkös sä vois alkaa tekemään hattujen lisäksi myös vaatteita, vink,vink ;)


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