Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walk in a park on sunday

Suit 40's, from flea market (only 12€!)
Shoes new
Hat by me
Purse 50's, from flea market
Stockings by What Katie Did
Shirt, can't remember....
Glasses from flea market

Photos Aila Ojanen

My friend Marja came up with an idea to dress up and go for a walk in the park on sundays. So we did. You wanna join us? If you are in helsinki, you are most welcome to join us tomorrow at 2pm. Last time i was wearing my favourite 40's suit, this time i think i'll go for a 30's look. We are having some champagne afterwards and some of us are going to get their picture taken by Atelieri O.Haapala.
More info in Facebook!


  1. Great idea! Can't wait to see if more people join you. You look smashing x

  2. I love that hat! And the suit is really fabulous, the color is great on you. I wish I could find such treasures at flea markets around here!

  3. A most perfect outfit, I just wish I looked that smart!

  4. Wow !!! But still....I wanna see pictures of you in NY !!! Please !!! Oh, and thanks so much for your lovely comment, this means a lot to me !

  5. Tried to comment yesterday but it seems the comment disappeared. Please delete this one if it is a dublicate.

    You look the very definition of chic in my book! Absolutely divine! I wish I could be there with you ladies today - hopefully another time.

    Will I see you at next week's picnic?

    Oh and that hat is so stunning! Probably my favourite out of all of your hats. It is perfection.

  6. Oh, wow! Luin tästä iltasanomista (tai iltalehdestä), aivan ihana näky varmasti!

  7. Amazing suit, you look fantastic.

  8. What a fabulous idea :D look great

  9. This is an amazing outfit on you and the hat... double swoon!

  10. Absolutely fabulous.

  11. I cannot believe you got that suit for 12 euros! That is just not even fair.


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