Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wanna be a pin-up?

This is a new wonderful project that i have with Saara Salmi and Miia Magia!
We are transforming pretty ladies into pin-up queens!
We took three non-vintage, "normal" girls, Miia did the make-up, i did the hair and styling and Saara took the photos. What do you think? Do YOU wanna be a pin-up?

More info coming soon!


  1. What a wonderful idea! The pics look really great :)

  2. Love the photos - especially the first one: fabulous colours, great hair and divine lingerie! Stunning.

    Boogie Bop Dames does pin-up workshops here in Sydney. The idea is wonderful: a full day workshop in a frilly apron, learning how to do vintage hair - first on a practising head, then your own hair in front of a mirror - then makeup, high tea and finishing off with dress-ups and pinup photoshoot!

    I did the workshop years ago and have gone vintage daily ever since!

  3. such a lovely idea! i wish i could do that! =)

  4. Just stunning ö___ö Joten, oh yes I do! :D

  5. Ihastuttavan tyylikkäitä!<3 Miten pääsee mukaan projektiin?

  6. Hienoja kuvia, mielelläni olisin myös mukana :)


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