Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fashion from 1938 and other stuff

Few flea market finds...
Fashion from Paris and Helsinki, Kotiliesi magazine august 1938.

The coat on the right is by Sciaparelli.

I love old photos. Here's few i found today.

Guys looking smart 1938

Gals out and about.

As you may know, i love old paperbacks. This one is from the fifties.

Death on the Nile, 1937.

Here's another nice paperback. This was not a flea market find, but a treasure i found while dumpster diving.
The Deadly Truth, 1941. This one is from 1943 and the authors name is written wrong! It should be McCloy, not McGloy. Cover art by Eeli Jaatinen.


  1. Wonderful photos, and finds.

  2. The Agatha Christie cover is great, I have been collecting the old paperback myself.


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