Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fashionable, crazy, divine, undead! Halloween party @ YK

A lovely (and crazy!) night out with friends.

Mixture of vintage and second hand. Yes, i dressed up as a vampire, again! And no, i still haven't seen Twilight.

A very good "Sofi Oksanen"

^Photos Tatu Vuolteenaho^

Tatu, beautiful as always.

Nice latex outfit.

^Photos Ninni Suni^

Best looking couple that night.

^Photos Anna Kovalchuk


  1. Crikey, some of these are properly scary!

  2. Oh wow, the makeup on some these people is amazing!!! i love that there was a coffin there! xx

  3. Oh, thats a really scary Halloween party!! Amazing costumes!


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