Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow, red wine, art, books, flea markets, sunday...

View from Sakari's kitchen window.

Vintage cardigan, everything else is second hand. And no, i haven't cut my hair, it's a fake bob!

I found this work of art from Valtteri flea market. I paid only 10€ for it. It was not expensive, and i really like the picture. Just minutes after i've bought it a man walks up to me and asks if he can take a look at my find. It turned out that he's an art connoisseur. He said that the picture that i've just bought is worth at least 100€! Even though it's just a print. I just think that it's an alluring image. The frame is not that nice, but i can change it later...

This picture is a fine addition to my Virgin Mary collection.

Some old books...

Vintage heels. Like i don't have enough shoes..!

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